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I discovered your product through my Functional Medicine Doctor at Hope for Healing in Conroe, TX. Per her guidance on my inflammation issues I have been using PEA Soothe Support capsules and have found great relief from pain. I have recommended it to family members for their pain issues as well. My niece was wearing a knee brace to work in and no longer uses the brace shortly after using this product and finding it eliminated her knee from hurting. This product is one that I can't see myself being without even once am able to manage my multiple various illnesses well. This will always be in my arsenal powerhouse!!! I also love that Dr. Stewart does videos to explain the products and he and his sister have the podcasts that are so informative and helpful!!! Thank you for having the heart to help those who have not found relief in so many years of searching!!! Bless you all!

- Amber

The PEA Soothe Support is a life saver for sleep! It's one of the only products out that there helps calm my nervous system and restless legs enough to sleep at night. I love that I can play around with the dosing depending on how bad my symptoms are that week. It's also far more affordable than paying for high doses of good quality CBD.

- Victoria

My doctor introduced me to your products and I must say, I've noticed a difference in my overall health. I started with the Methylation Complete Fast Dissolve Tablets(120); taking it twice a day (AM & PM). Since then I've noticed improvements in my mood, sleep, and memory. I originally began taking this supplement as I was diagnosed with MTHFR mutation. The tablets dissolve quickly, taste great and I would highly.recommend this supplement.

- Ann Marie C.

I have to start off by saying I am horrible at taking pills and supplements. I started to take the Neuro Complete for Women (60 Packets). They're easy to swallow and I've noticed an overall improvement in my mood, hair, skin & nails. Great product for a great value!

- Ann Marie C.

"My family met with Dr. Stewart in his office last week and I have been using Dr. Stewartís protocols for the last 8 weeks based on your fabulous podcast and I was spending 10 hours a day researching everything you all have spoken about. Just by listening to your podcast and using the methodology and Neurobiologix products I was able to eliminate 80% of my 7 year old tics that he had developed. When we saw Dr. Stewart he said he could get him across that finish line. He is also helping my daughter with feeling overwhelmed and OCD, in addition to my mother and myself. Weíve done genetic panels on 8 of our family members so we are all in! Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much your podcasts and even how your website just over the last few months has really been wonderful. I tell everyone about the podcast and Dr. Stewart. Iím dedicated to learning for my family but Iím a stay at home mom of four and not in the medical profession. Iím just so grateful our journey has led us to you all!" - Thankful mom of 4, Liz

Dr. Stewart is a genius! (I guess thatís a given for anyone whoís a cranial surgeon). He really knows biochemistry at a very in depth level, and can explain complex health issues in a very down to earth... easy to understand way.

He believes in finding the root cause of health issues and fixing the problem rather than masking symptoms. We have travelled far to see him with our daughter.

We are SO thankful to have found him. If you have any physical health or mental health issues, these products and his
podcasts will give you hope that there ARE answers out there!!

Thankful Mom - Rochelle

I have two homozygous GAD1 gene defects. I started taking Pro GAD Enhancer a couple of weeks ago along with PEA and CBD oil. I have been FINALLY sleeping through the night as a result!

I have two GAD1 SNPs, as does my wife and all of our kids that I have had tested. GAD1 SNPs related to poor mood, poor sense of well-being, nervousness and sadness. I really don't have any of those symptoms but I did go through a horrible bout of sadness in 2001/02. My daughter, is currently struggling with nervousness and sleeping and she is the only one that I don't have the genetic profile on to date, that will be changing. She has made great progress and is finally able to wind down at night to get her to bed.

Happy man - Michael G.

"I have had pain since my early 30's that pain medicine could never touch. I am talking about deep, throbbing nerve pain that was always a burden on my mind. I have been applying the PEA Soothe Topical cream to those areas and I am AMAZED! The pain is gone and I can't believe it! I am now 49 and thought I would have to live with the pain my entire life! Thank you for such a great product! - Sara F. (customer for life)
"My teenage boy has now hit puberty and we needed something to add to his nutrition regime to help him get through events with large crowds and having social nervousness. We have been using the new Calming Cream and have had 2 days of events with large crowds. Instead of the usually running around, I found that if I gave him the cream (1 pump) on his back in a gentle massage an hour before the event that he loved it and responded very well to it. I wanted to say thank you to those who encouraged me to try this topical cream. My son was so much calmer and we were all able to enjoy the events. I also give him his massage at night after his shower as well and he has been sleeping wonderfully. It has been a blessing for all."
Denise C.

"I highly recommend Dr Stewart and Neurobiologix. I truly appreciate Dr. Stewart's research, his wisdom, and the heart and soul he pours into his practice and products. I have been a patient for over 3 years and I trust and value his advice above any other. His supplement line is very well priced for the quality and the benefits have been amazing. The recommended supplements are based on my specific genetic profile and they have changed my life. I am truly grateful for his knowledge and help. I have never been healthier or felt better in my life."
Grateful patient / Melanie W

"For 20 years, I have advised my clients to take natural, whole food supplements, so it is refreshing that the medical community is finally embracing nutrients, vitamins, minerals and biochemicals to assist with their health.
I saw wonderful results with the Mood Plus and Calm cream with the teenage girl of my best friend. Her parents are going through a nasty divorce and a psychiatrist recommended "happy pillsĒfor her. I gave the mother my samples of Mood Plus and Calming Cream for her daughter to try, and she responded so well, they now want to go with these supplements instead of starting pharmaceuticals!
I have never believed in a product line like I do now and these phenomenal supplements are changing patients' lives."
Inspired medical professional / Karen L.

"My son Gavin became extremely ill with a virus very abruptly last February. He went through intensive medical treatments and with the integration of three topical Neurobiologix supplements he came back to the boy he was before. With the use of the
Neuro-Immune Stabilizer cream,
Calming Cream and Glutathione Plus cream we have kept his immune system and B vitamin levels strong to help him to not have a reoccurrence. Gavin now leads a normal life again and through the use of those
three creams we keep him calm and keep his immune system strong. Neurobiologix has been a life saver!"
-Grateful Mom / Ricki H.

"My family and friends love your supplements! We have been taking them for over 5 years and have seen our health and lives significantly improve as a result. As a single mom of a teen, I really need solutions and savings which you provide. Also, I know your products are of the highest quality which gives me peace of mind--no fillers or questionable ingredients. Several formulas I can only find at Neurobiologix and they work like a laser to help us. I have watched them work with my own eyes. Your staff is wonderful and I just wanted to say thank you for making a difference in our lives!"
-Happy Mom / Jenee G.

"My son started taking the Full Focus on 9/14. We started out with 1 pill in AM. We moved to 2 pills two weeks later. It is making such a huge difference in his ability to do school work. I'm really amazed! Even his teacher wants to know what is going on. She is shocked in the changes in a month. He has always struggled with his handwriting but now it is legible and he had made huge progress!"
-Hopeful Mom / Candace C.

"Thanks for giving me my brain & life back, in addition to my family. Less than a year ago, 3 of my 4 daughters & myself were on antidepressants. No one is on an anti-depressants now! Dr. Stewart blessed me by allowing me to learn from him and my husband is a happier guy and our home is more peaceful!"
-Thankful Mom & Wife / Paula

The Full Focus has been a game changer for us. My son will be 13 and since being the Full Focus he is able to organize and manage his homework and sports schedule much better. He has a defiance disorder and it seems to be gone. He isn't arguing & fighting at home and we have been able to stop some of his other medication." -Thankful Mom / Susan B.

"Thank you for your supplements. My 9 yr old grandson had problems at school, HE was angry, non-compliant, and his grades were suffering. Smart kid just seemed to be broken. After studying your supplements, I determined he probably should take Methylation Complete Sublingual. First day he took it one of his teachers said that was the first time he had been happy in her class. By the end of the week, he had 5 100's on his school papers. I asked him how he felt. He said he felt better, happier, could concentrate better. He said to tell Dr. Stewart thank you. Me too, thank you Dr. Stewart. God bless you."
-Thankful Grandparents

"I absolutely love the Full Focus! I am a fitness instructor and have to learn choreography for my classes on a regular basis. Since I started taking the Full Focus 7 months ago, it has given me the ability to learn and retain my routines so much easier and faster. Thank you for this amazing product!"
-Theresa S.

"For well over a year I was plagued with vertigo attacks at least twice if not more a week at a time. As I took the Neuro Immune Infection Control the attacks became less frequent until finally gone. It took about two months for the vertigo and dizziness to completely eradicate all of my symptoms but to this day I have had no more vertigo attacks!
My brother David had a brain infection that initially started from an inner ear infection that spread. Symptoms were headaches & constant fever. He was put on a regime of antibiotics with very little relief. The doctor suggested a spinal tap,which he refused to have. As David saw how the Neuro-Immune Infection Control had rid me of the vertigo,he asked me to order him some. As he began to take it, slowly his symptoms disappeared. He will tell anyone anyone who ask, as I would, that this product has saved his life."
Donna M.

"We saw Dr. Stewart yesterday for our 6 month check up. On the prior visit, we started the Immune Restore+. We saw almost immediate improvements. I will list the areas where we have seen the most improvements after 6 months:
~Depression gone...this is huge!
~Much more interactive with family and friends
~Able to stand at church and during chapel time at school without getting tired (previously was so tired, could not stand but for a couple of minutes at the most.)
~Has not missed any school so far (This has been a major struggle for her. She would refuse to go to school with all kinds of complaints. Headache, stomach ache, insomnia, too tired, etc.)
~Taking more responsibility for chores and personal hygiene
I know all our kids are different, but for us the Immune Restore+ has been a really big piece to our puzzle! I Hope this encourages someone!"

"So far the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream and Methyl Folate Plus have been amazing. My son's sensory issues have almost gone away, he's talking a lot more, he is more aware and engaged. It is truly amazing. And it started happening within a week of taking the creams. I can't imagine what the Immune Restore is going to do. It's the first time we've experienced what it's like to have a neuro typical boy!!"
Katy L.

"My daughter's testing at the NeuroSensory Center showed so much improvement! She is no longer a child with severe Asperger's, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and severe depression. She went from being on Xanax, Abilify to now being on the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream, Methyl Folate Plus and Vitamin D. She is now a functioning 12 year old who can go to school and participate in our family. My daughter has completely changed and so has our family. This protocol saved her life! She still struggles at times but can function ten times better in her every day life. I hope this gives others hope because there really is help."
Susan D.

"Within a couple of days of starting of the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream we started to notice that our son was a lot calmer and not as emotional. The often agressive behavior subsided and he was much more compliant when asked to do something. When a couples days of good times turned into a week then two weeks, we were estatic!
We knew we were on to something when his teachers and therapists (whom we did not tell about the treatments) starting giving us positive feedback about how well he was doing all of a sudden."
Pamela C.

A Family's Road to Recovery from Neurobiologix on Vimeo.

"....My son (4 years old) just started accepting Mitochondria Restore supplements and the results have been awesome!!

A little back ground on us, my son exhibited detachment behaviors, loss of fine/gross motor movements, constant visual/verbal stims, did not speak, was not sleeping at night, and the list goes on. But interestedly, he did show "social improvements" after live vaccines despite his poor health so we had hoped he would grow out of this.Then after ear tube surgery (age 2 years and 3 months) and anesthesia (Nitrous Oxide combo) was the last draw. He was supposed to wake up from light anesthesia in 15 min after surgery, but my son was out for 12 hours. The following 4 months were hell, my son was cognitively and physically lost. Really did not show anxiety, hype responsive behavior, he is on the other extreme detached and HYPO responsive.

With Mitochondrial Restore my son feels so strong, with resistance in his muscles, toned back, legs, just awesome. I pick him up and it does not feel like I am going to rip his arms out. Prior to this, he was getting floppier and floppier with time, or other parents have expressed "wet noddle" body.

I really did not think much of it since I am extremely flexible/double jointed and flat footed so I just thought he was flexible like me. Since his first major regression and the chronic stress on his body I began to understand why other parents would complain of their child feeling like a wet noodle. I took some samples of the Mitochondrial Restore, just 1/2 a capsule in the beginning and I noticed results in 7 days. So I increased his dose to 1-2 capsules a day.

Now one month later, he has gained weight, he is jumping off furniture with confidence, running and has more endurance. He has even started to sweat after physical exercises!!"

A Happy Mom - Alex

"Someone FINALLY had insights into the cause of the problem (methylation dysfunction and a hyperactive immune system derived from low dopamine levels), not just the symptoms, and started treatment that worked. Finally, I was with a doctor ( where I didnít know more about neurotransmitters than he did! In addition to the medications I received for immediate, near-term relief, Dr. Stewart started me on a regimen of Neuro-Immune Stabilizer cream, Calming Cream, and Vitamin D3. After I was stabilized and didnít need the prescriptions, except for occasional flare-ups, I was able to switch to the Neuro-Immune Infection Control as a maintenance therapy. I also continue to use Super Greens (which I love the berry flavor and benefits) to improve my methylation. After less than a month from my first visit, I was no longer living in the glasses, earplugs and headphones. After three months, the improvement seemed like night and day. After six months, I was well on my way to being completely on a maintenance routine. But, the sustained viral fight and work/family stress resulted in Adrenal Fatigue. My cells were so taxed by fighting the virus for such a long period of time that I was exhausted and weak. Using Mitochondrial Restore turned this around quickly. Ultimately, I switched my multivitamin pack to Bio Source Essentials to improve my vitamin absorption. Neurobiologix provides me with periodic discounts. Iím so pleased with the outcomes; I have referred at least a dozen people, family, friends, and co-workers, including local celebrities, to NeuroSensory Centers and Neurobiologix. I have referred them to appropriate Neurobiologix products that match their issues. I thank God for bringing me to Dr. Stewart and providing the special formulas Neurobiologix has worked with them to create. I trust in Neurobiologix formulas so much, that Iíve asked their R&D team to work on a couple other products!"

Kelly Ray

"If I were to try and tell you in person, I would get too "mushy", cause ya'll have helped us so much to get to a better physical and mental condition!"
"You need to know that these are not just "products" that we many cases, they mean the difference between feeling sick or feeling well! So, please express our appreciation to your staff and the physicians who create these formulas for all their hard work."
James R.

"My entire family is using the Neurobiologix products, and we have experienced much better health and wellness this cold and flu season. My youngest child has allergies and asthma, and has been free of symptoms and no longer requires a nebulizer of steroids or albuterol. He has been taking the Vitabites and Vitamin D3 drops. My oldest child has autism, and has made great improvements in cognitive function and focus with the Omega Blasts, Advanced Neurotransmitter Support, Methyl Xcel, and Vitamin D3 drops. My husband is a brain cancer survivor and has much more energy and less fatigue from Advanced Neurotransmitter Support and Methyl Xcel. We are all taking the Vitamin D3 drops and PRP Immune Recovery Spray this season and have not been ill, despite extremely high mold allergens. This time last year, we were all taking allergy medications and suffered upper respiratory infections. I highly recommend these very effective and reasonably priced supplements for the entire family."
Lisa R.

"Having lived in Austin for a few years, this is my first time to really be suffering from mountain cedar allergy. The cedar was over 3000 on Sunday, and we were all miserable. I came back to work yesterday and everyone in the office seems to be sneezing and miserable too. I can't take antihistamines and function in my job, but tried the PRP Immune Recovery Spray (4 sprays twice a day) yesterday and have had no allergy symptoms since. I took another dose this morning and am feeling great. My itchy eyes, skin, throat and sneezing have completely stopped. I know this supplement can help normalize the B cells which are producing too much histamine. The label on the PRP spray reads that this product can help improve allergies and inflammation. We have only used it to keep from getting colds and flu, but I am so excited to know about this for our seasonal allergies."
Relieved Mom

"Our son was 1 1/2, non-verbal with the exception of screaming and crying. We began with prescription B12 injections and within a couple of weeks he had about 25 words but just seemed to stay at that minimal vocabulary. At our next Dr. visit he was put on the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream and within a month of using the lotion he had over a couple of hundred words! It was amazing! We have bouts of regression from time to time but we continue to see progress."
Elaine R.

ďJust a quick shout out to let you know your products rock! We have been to 5 DAN! Dr.'s on the East Coast and we have used LOTS of supplement companies products. Nothing compares to Neurobiologix. My 7 year old son with autism, my 4 year old son and myself take them - very impressive products!Ē
Joan Ė Warrior Mom

"My teenage boy has now hit puberty and we needed something to add to his nutrition regime to help him get through events with large crowds and having social anxiety. We have been using the new Calming Cream and have had 2 days of events with large crowds. Instead of the usually running around, I found that if I gave him the cream (1 pump) on his back in a gentle massage an hour before the event that he loved it and responded very well to it. I wanted to say thank you to those who encouraged me to try this topical cream. My son was so much calmer and we were all able to enjoy the events. I also give him his massage at night after his shower as well and he has been sleeping wonderfully. It has been a blessing for all."
Denise C.