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Methyl Folate Plus - 66 Capsules (New Version)
Methyl Folate Plus - 66 Capsules (New Version)

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Our exclusive Methyl Folate Plus formula, which offers the active form of folate (Vitamin B9), known as L-5-Methylfolate. This powerful blend, combined with folinic acid and niacinamide, is crucial for supporting healthy neurological and immune functions in individuals with genetic vulnerabilities in this pathway. Research indicates that around one in three Americans carry genetic mutations that hinder the production of methylfolate. Methylation, the process of creating methylfolate, plays a vital role in ensuring the proper function of key systems, such as the cardiovascular, neurological, and reproductive systems.*
Product Features
Benefits of Methyl Folate Plus may include:
  • Improved mood stabilization*
  • Better mental focus*
  • Healthier sleep cycles*
  • Stronger immune function*
  • Enhanced detoxification*
Use this product in conjunction with either Methylation Complete or Methylation Pro Topical, which provide activating B12 cofactors to support neurological and immunological health.*