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Watch this 2 minute video with a behind the scenes look at our lab and where your DNA goes once it leaves your doctor's office.

Austin, TX (rushPRnews) 04/17/17 — Austin-based nutrigenomic testing company helping patients determine personalized nutritional solutions to improve their health has grown by 220 percent since launch Genomix Nutrition, a provider of affordable genetic testing offered through medical professionals, is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Launched in April 2016, the Austin-Texas based company, which uses a simple cheek swab for DNA analysis, nutritional and health recommendations to assist with a provider’s treatment protocol, has grown by 220 percent over the last year, and, as of January 2017, is working with more than 250 providers across the US, UK, Canada and Ireland to offer the test with approximately 500+ test runs per month.

Developed by Chief Science Officer Dr. Kendal Stewart, M.D., GX Sciences (formerly Genomix Nutrition) nutrigenomic tests have been built on findings from his treatment of thousands of patients and are driving advances in a field where the American medical system is woefully behind its peers. “Our nutrigenomic tests tell patients what nutritional supplements they need, but most importantly what they don’t need,” said Dr. Stewart. “Our focus is on helping patients determine their genetic weaknesses and identifying solutions to improve their health, healing or potential health problems.”

GX Sciences works with medical providers across the globe to provide nutrigenomic testing techniques which look at either 26 or 55 genes, rather than all 20,000+ genes in the human genome, and provide recommendations specifically tailored to an individual’s genetic makeup.

The test, performed in just a few minutes, presents patients with customized, genetic evaluations as well as suggested solutions, based upon results which examine mutated or modified genes that are essential to being healthy – since each genetic polymorphism can give insight into why or if a person may have health challenges.

“We’re seeing tremendous demand for affordable and personalized nutrigenomic testing,” added Kara Stewart-Mullens, CEO of GX Sciences. “GX Sciences has grown rapidly in our first year and we are pleased that more and more providers and patients are recognizing the health benefits of genetic testing.”

At the same time, GX Sciences is also helping hundreds of medical professionals it works with achieve a higher patient satisfaction and success rate by providing them with an easy, affordable tool that provides a report of a patient's unique DNA, accesses issues and need for metabolic support, and the specific nutritional elements required to overcome these genetic challenges for each person.

In the coming weeks, Genomix Nutrition will be participating in the Texas Medical Association conference in Houston. Dr. Stewart will also be lecturing at the International Association of Certified Clinical Nutritionists as well as teaching several hundred providers at the Genomix Nutrition Advanced Genetic Workshops for 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale and San Diego.

For more information visit: or call 844-258-5564.

Media Contact: Maureen Kowalski / (512)420-3939 or

The Future Is Here With Nutrigenomic Testing - By Radhia Gleis, CNP
Now, for the first time in history!

I know… it sounds like a commercial, but it’s true. We can predict with increasing precision who is more likely to develop specific diseases; who will respond positively or react negatively to a particular drug or supplement therapy; and finally, which nutrients are optimal for a specific individual’s treatment, health, and well-being. But first let’s get a few terminologies out of the way.
What is DNA?
DNA is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. In other words: The blueprint of every living organism… that includes you and me.

Most of you are familiar with the binary system, that’s the codes of ones and zeros that make everything on your computer. Well, “DNA” is a quaternary code of every living organism in the world.

Four nucleotides: Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine, or C, G, A, T, make up every living thing on earth and maybe everywhere else, who knows. When these nucleotides pair up, they form what’s called alleles.
What is genomics?
The study of all of the DNA nucleotide sequencing. The knowledge about genes that has so far been gathered has led to the emergence of functional genomics, a field concerned with understanding the pattern of gene expression, especially across different environmental conditions.
What’s a SNP?
To make new cells, an existing cell divides in two. But first it copies its DNA so the new cells will each have a complete set of genetic instructions. Cells sometimes make mistakes during the copying process - kind of like typos. These typos, called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced "snips") lead to variations in the DNA sequence at particular locations.
What are the consequences of SNPS?
SNPs can generate biological variation between people by causing differences in the recipes for proteins that are written in genes.

Those differences can in turn influence a variety of traits such as appearance, for example if your gene sequence is AA TG GT and your sister’s is AA TC GT she may have straight hair and you may have curly hair, get it? It can also determine disease susceptibility or response to drugs. While some SNPs lead to differences in health or physical appearance, most SNPs seem to lead to no observable differences between people at all.
DNA is passed from parent to child, so you inherit your SNPs from your parents
Homozygous means the same and Heterozygous means different. A homozygous organism for a particular trait is described to possess either a pair of dominant alleles (e.g. AA), or a pair of recessive alleles (e.g. aa). Heterozygous organism for a particular trait is described to possess one dominant allele and one recessive allele. (e.g. Aa). So your results may have a (+ +) or (- -) or (+ -). We’re not concerned with the (- -), somewhat concerned with (+ -), but mostly concerned with (+ +).

Just because you have a (+ +) or even a (+ -), does not mean you have or will have a disease. It just means you have a predisposition for a condition, if exposed to the right environment, it may ignite that gene expression. A Genomic SNP is like a crack in the foundation of a bridge. …What if we could reinforce the cracks?

Having knowledge of where the cracks are in our foundation, would tell us where not to put the most stress. For example, if you knew that you were homozygous in the MTHFR genome it would be wise not to smoke or expose yourself to toxic chemicals. Supporting the cracks with the right diet, nutritional supplements, (in this case MTHF, Methyl folate), targeted pharmacogenetics and lifestyle strategies will dramatically increase your quality of life and prevent the ignition of that gene expression.

There are five different important categories to look at when it comes to your genomic report: Methylation, Neurotransmitter, Mitochondria, Detoxification and Inflammatory markers. Within those five categories there are a handful of significant alleles to look for. I will cover those sections in my upcoming blogs.