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Methylation Support Supplements

The Effects of Methylation on the Human Body

Methylation is a biological process that is vital to humans and responsible for over 200 biochemical processes in the body. Accordingly, a disruption in this process can adversely affect human health and behavior. Unfortunately, disruptions in the process are very common due to the many problems associated with the modern world.

Understanding Methylation

Derived from methane, methyl has an important role in certain cellular processes that take place in the human body, which are collectively known as methylation. Irregularities in the process have been linked to a wide variety of illnesses and symptoms that can disrupt everyday life.

Dealing with Methylation Problems

Methylation is important to a person's happiness and general well-being. When considering that the underlying cause of faulty methylation, whether it be emotional stress, a genetic error or exposure to certain toxins, it is important to follow the directions on our products and if possible obtain nutrigenomic genetic testing. Only a proper understanding of a person's DNA and body chemistry can ensure a proper level of methylation but keep in mind that essential
nutrients such as 5-MTHF and Methyl B12 are required for the methylation pathway to function properly.
Choose from our methylation supplements to get started on a healthier you.
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