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Methylation Support and More from Neurobiologix

Find a wide variety of products for methylation support, supplement and vitamin supplies for neurological conditions, immune system issues, and more. All of our nervous system supplements and health condition products are GMP certified, an FDA monitored process. Additionally, Neurobiologix offers a methylation topical cream or sublingual to provide you with the necessary ingredients to support methylation and support vitamin delivery. Methylation helps the body rid itself of toxins and assures that the new cells you must make everyday are exact copies of the ones that are being replaced. Methylation also converts water soluble vitamins into the proper fat soluble form so that proper nutrition can be delivered to the nervous and immune systems.

The Importance of Methylation to the Body

Methylation is the missing component for health and it is essential for detoxification. An adequate supply of methylation vitamins is vital for health and the prevention of neuro-immune syndromes. However, genetic and acquired factors predispose many people to developing a methylation deficiency.

"Overcoming a MTHFR polymorphism/mutation or methylation deficiency with supplementation may take at least 2-3 months to show signs of improvement due to epigenetic factors. Initially the patient may be worse, more symptomatic, because the immune system wakes up and begins to "clean house"." - Kendal Stewart, M.D./Neuro-Immune Specialist / Methylation Expert

Read Dr. Kendal Stewart's paper on Methylation Deficiency - Beyond the MTHFR for more information.

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