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Visit GX Sciences to find a provider who can offer you genetic testing through a simple cheek swab.
Receive your genetic results in 3-5 business days!

Please keep in mind that NOT ALL mutations may be relevant or a reason for worry. A well versed practitioner on genetic polymorphisms/mutations will consult with you on what particular Snyps you should be concerned with and how you may support these findings through proper nutritional supplementation. For helpful information visit for his latest podcasts on “Genetic Mutations and What They Mean To Your Health”.

What Is Nutrigenomic Testing?

Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between nutrition and how an individual’s genes react to and process nutrition. How genes express themselves can be influenced by what we ingest both intentionally and unintentionally. Every individual’s genome is unique. Therefore, every individual’s genetic response to food and the environment is unique.

Nutrigenomic testing maps the key factors that influence how an individual processes nutrients. This very individualized information allows healthcare providers to determine precisely what nutrients a person needs and does not need. Both healthy people and people struggling with health issues can benefit from nutrigenomic testing. Some conditions do not manifest symptoms until considerable damage has been done. Knowing the genetic cards you have been dealt can help you head disease off at the pass.

By looking at gene sequences, and especially those with mutations, we can begin to understand complex biological interactions. For example, methylation processes, which make, maintain and repair DNA, are also responsible for the synthesis of methyl tetrahydrofolate and methyl B12. Testing can determine, to a very specific percentage, how much of these key nutrients your body produces and therefore what strength of supplement you may need.

Nutrigenomic testing can also determine an individual’s ability to produce enzymes. For example, a gene, D-amino acid oxidase (DAO), produces an enzyme that breaks down allergy-causing histamines. If testing shows this gene to be malfunctioning, supplements are indicated.

Bowel health, how your body naturally deals with detoxification and immune system effectiveness can all be determined using nutrigenomic testing. Because it is so specific, this type of testing is an invaluable diagnostic tool. It can be used in correlation with traditional blood tests and other health indicators to determine the best pathway to good health.*

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B-12 folate dietary supplement methyl folate supplement 90 count

Supreme bioactive fast-dissolving tablets.

For those who may be sensitive to supplementation but are looking for methylation support, this may be considered Methylation Support: STEP 1. Once this is tolerated well then you may consider moving to Methylation Support: STEP 2 with our
Methylation Complete Fast Dissolves.

BioActive B12 Folate® combines the active coenzyme form of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin, with an active form of folate, Metafolin®* L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate. This bioactive formula was created to bypass normal absorptive mechanisms for vitamin B12 and folate which may be lacking due to aging, diet, or gastrointestinal issues.

Fast-dissolving tablets allow for quick release into the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 and folate play an integral role in DNA synthesis and are essential to cell division and proper functioning of virtually all tissues in the body.

Vitamin B12 and folate also participate in methylation and proper metabolism of homocysteine, a potentially toxic metabolite of methionine. Dietary B12 can be reliably obtained only from animal products and is a singularly difficult vitamin to absorb. Active B12-Folate may be especially beneficial for vegetarians and persons with impaired stomach absorption issues.

This formula is an Optimal methylation formula with activating co-factor created by Kendal Stewart, MD to support the methylation pathway and provide adequate Folinic Acid and methyl folate (5-MTHF).

Methyl Folate Plus™ is designed to be used in conjunction with our Methylation Complete Dissolvable Tablets OR Methylation Pro Topical that provides the activating co-factors to deliver the additional tetrahydrofolate to support issues associated with methylation deficiencies.. Most often poor methylators will need additional methyl folate.

The addition of Niacinamide helps support the mitochondria and supports as a cofactor for the delivery of the other ingredients in Methyl Folate Plus.

The typical indications for this product include but are not limited to:

  • Presence of Folate Receptor Autoantibodies*
  • Homozygous (2 copies) MTHFR, MTRR or FOLR gene polymorphisms*
  • Development (ages 8-20)*
  • Slow recovery from major neurological injuries*
  • Moderate to severe autism issues*
  • Poor recovery from traumatic injury*

Who Needs Methyl Folate Plus? from Neurobiologix on Vimeo with Dr. Kendal Stewart.

Methylation complete supplement 120 count neuro methylation cream vitamin b12 b6 2oz
Methylation Complete™
OUR PRICE: $59.50

2 Forms of Bioactive B12 (Methylcobalamin / Hydroxycobalamin), B6 (P-5-P) and Methyl Folate (5-Methyltetrahydrofolate)
Fast Dissolving Tablet For Ultimate Methylation Support
Dissolves in 60 Seconds and Tastes Great!

Our unique delivery system assures that our professional grade Methylation Complete™ promotes and enhances the methylation processes needed to improve the production of glutathione, and allow maximum B12, B6 and 5-MTHF (bioactive and methylated form of folate)delivery to the nervous and immune systems. Fast-dissolving tablets allow for quick release into the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 and folate play an integral role in DNA synthesis and thus are essential to cell division and proper functioning of virtually all tissues in the body. Active B12 and Folate may be especially beneficial for persons who are vegetarian or with impaired gastrointestinal absorption due to aging, illness, surgery or a methylation deficiency.
This fast dissolving tablet may help maximize and aid in:

  • Mood Improvement & Stabilization*
  • Short Term Memory*
  • MTHFR / MTRR Mutations*
  • Sleep Patterns*
  • Immune Health*
  • Mental Focus & Concentration*
  • All Methylation Mutations*
  • Organizational Skills*

This product is being discontinued. Please view our Methylation Pro, as this is its comparable replacement.

Topical Cream for Methylation, Neurological, Nervous & Immune System Support

As a solution, our unique topical delivery system, assures that our professional-grade Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream promotes and enhances the methylation processes needed to improve the production of glutathione, increase Vitamin D levels and allow maximum B12, B6 and vitamin delivery to the nervous and immune systems. This potent nutrient-rich cream may help maximize and aid in:
  • Mood Improvement & Stabilization*
  • Mental Focus & Concentration*
  • Organization Skills*
  • MTHFR mutations*
  • Short Term Memory*
  • Cerebral Folate Deficiency*
  • Hormonal Regulation*
  • Support a health sleep cycle*
  • Immune Function*
Such nutrients as Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate (B6) and Vitamin B12 in a methylated form called methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) and hydroxycobalamin (Hydroxy B12) and natural Vitamin D assist the body neurologically and physically.

It is estimated that roughly one in three Americans have genetically inefficient enzymes that help create 5-MTHF (folinic acid) so this cream will assist with supplying the 5-MTHF for optimal help.

glutathione dietary supplement 100 capsules
150mg per capsule of the active form of L-Glutathione! (100 capsules)

Enhancing the Immune System
- Your bodies immune activity, involving unimpeded multiplication of lymphocytes and antibody production, requires maintenance of normal levels of glutathione inside the lymphocytes.
Antioxidant and Free Radical Scavenger - Glutathione plays a central protective role against the damaging effects of bacteria, viruses, pollutants and free radicals.

Regulator of Other Antioxidants - Without glutathione, other important antioxidants such as vitamins C and E cannot do their job adequately to protect your body against disease.

A Detoxifying Agent - Another major function of glutathione is in the detoxification of foreign chemical compounds such as carcinogens and harmful metabolites.