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Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin necessary for human health. There are two types; vitamin D-2 and vitamin D-3. Vitamin D-2 comes from plant sources. It's not the best source of the nutrient because the human body doesn't utilize it very well. Certain foods, such as mackerel, eggs, salmon, tuna and sardines, are good dietary sources of the vitamin, but the best source of vitamin D is the D-3 form that comes from sun exposure and what is found in our nutritional formulas.

The Sunshine Vitamin

When UVB light from the sun's rays hits human skin, a chemical reaction takes place that converts sunlight into vitamin D-3. Only a small amount of sun is necessary. About 10-20 minutes of exposure on bare skin two to three times a week provides enough vitamin D-3 to maintain health but with sunscreen and lack of time in our schedules, many people lack the adequate amount of Vitamin D needed for good health.

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. People deficient in this nutrient may have problems with easily fractured bones, low bone density and weak muscles. Vitamin D fortifies the immune system and may help prevent psoriasis, hypertension and a number of autoimmune diseases. It can help lift sadness and ease those with sleep problems.. Unfortunately, deficiencies in this critical vitamin are common.

We Provide Top Quality Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is essential to one’s health. For instances where we don’t get enough Vitamin D from the food we eat or from sunshine, taking Vitamin D supplements are a great way to bring us to our recommended Vitamin D dosage. Rely on Neurobiologix to provide you with quality Vitamin D from capsules to drops to gummies. Take charge of your health today with Neurobiologix.
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