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Essential Cold & Flu Supplements

Each year, many people find themselves with the tell-tale stuffy noses and pounding headaches that come with the common cold. Over-the-counter medicines may treat these symptoms, but they canít treat the virus itself. The same goes for the flu virus, which can sometimes be treated with antiviral medication, but still causes your body to suffer while you heala. Taking vitamins for cold and flu relief could be exactly what you need to boost your immune systemís health and avoid catching a virus.

Differences Between a Cold and the Flu

It can be difficult to distinguish between the common cold and the flu because they both make you feel tired, achy, and miserable. Both affect your respiratory system, but are caused by different viruses. Symptoms of the flu include intense cough, fever, body aches, and fatigue while cold symptoms are typically more mild. Designed by top US physicians, our cold & flu supplements can help increase your bodyís natural defenses and provide the necessary elements to reduce the virusí effect on your body.

Vitamins for Cold & Flu Relief

How do you prevent the common cold and flu from wreaking havoc on your body? Your line of defense should consist of much-needed vitamins and minerals. Neurobiologix offers an array of supplements to suit your needs. Whether it is our PRP Immune Recovery Spray to naturally boost the immune system, or our powerful immune modulator Immune Restore+ô, our specially formulated vitamins aim to maximize your bodyís immune function.

Boost Your Body's Defenses

Give your body the tools it needs to fight off infection with supplements by Neurobiologix. Our professional-grade, GMP-certified supplements can help you avoid the pain and suffering that comes with a cold or flu by naturally supporting and enhancing your immune system. Donít wait until you start experiencing the symptoms for a cold or flu and start boosting your immune support today!

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