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Chewable Vitamin Supplements for Children and Adults

The human body requires a daily intake of necessary vitamins and minerals for nourishment, preservation, and maintenance of the immune system. Due to hectic schedules and other obstacles, many individuals do not consume the necessary amount needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking multivitamin supplements helps meet the required intake, but for many children and older adults large capsules are too difficult to swallow. The bitter aftertaste of pills is also unpleasant and may dissuade individuals from consuming the appropriate vitamin and mineral levels needed. As a result, Neurobiologix physicians have developed high-grade chewable and dissolvable vitamin supplements designed to meet the needs of children and adults.

Benefits of Chewable Vitamins and Dissolvable Tablets

Chewable supplements and dissolvable tablets are a more convenient alternative to conventional pills. The greatest advantage of chewables and melts is that they do not require water, allowing them to be consumed anywhere and at anytime. Chewables are also usually fruit-flavored, making them more pleasant to taste. In addition, nutrients are absorbed more efficiently when consumed as chewables, giving them a more precise bioavailability than vitamin pills.

Order Your Premium-Quality Multivitamin Supplements Today

If you are looking for an alternative to multivitamin capsules, check out our physician-designed chewable tablets and gummies below. Our professional-grade supplements contain a unique combination of nutrients and botanicals needed to deliver the appropriate amount of essential vitamins required for a healthy lifestyle. Help give your body the necessary elements it needs and order our effective vitamin supplements today!
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Nordic Vitamin C Gummies Vitamin C 1000 - 100 Tablets
Nordic Vitamin C Gummies (60 Gummies)
Vitamin C Gummies $13.45
OUR PRICE: $15.35
children's chewable vitamins B-12 folate dietary supplement
Iron Chelate Chewable Digestive enzyme supplement 180 count
Iron Chelate Chewable
OUR PRICE: $29.90
methylation support vitamin b12 supplement  60 count Methylation Complete™ - 66 Tablets (New Version)
methyl b12 dietary supplement 60 tablets immune support dietary supplement
children probiotic supplement 60 count Probiotic ENT Defend supplement 60 count
Methylation complete supplement 120 count
Methylation Complete™
OUR PRICE: $59.50