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Discovering the Why Behind Lifestyle Symptoms That Are Annoying

You are lying in bed and it’s after midnight. Your brain will not shutoff and you’re anxious about not getting a good night’s sleep again or worried about what tomorrow may bring. You have taken your melatonin, got plenty of exercise that day, and are eating healthy. You ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? Is this a hormone related issue? Did I have too much caffeine? Questions and thoughts pepper you brain and you are so tired of feeling the anxiety, sleep deprivation and the worry about what else may be going on.

Genetic testing of key genes can give your doctor the clues to help you create a bypass or workaround for genetic mutations otherwise known as SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). A SNP is a mutation of your non-modifiable genes that will never change. These are weakness that cause the proteins or enzymes to not work properly in your body at the cellular level.

Lucky for you, The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness is ready to help. Mila McManus, MD and staff have the latest training in clinically proven treatment protocols that can give you the possibility of becoming the best version of yourself. No magic pills or over the top claims will come from their staff. They are simply focused on how each patient is genetically built to ensure precision and personalized treatment plans are recommended based on your genetic results.

When you understand the why behind the annoying symptoms above that typically involve several genes like the MAO-A&B, COMT, and GAD1, you will become impowered with knowledge that you are not alone and there is a solution to the problems. Many people who have those mutations do not turnover dopamine and serotonin that well and have difficulty regulating their mood, behavior and sleep problems. They will also have too high of ratios of glutamate compared to GABA in their blood; creating imbalances with several systems of their body. By binding natural ingredients to specific receptors on certain cells, we can see amazing improvements with mood, sleep, energy levels, and focus.

I have trained hundreds of doctors in genetics and effective treatment protocols over the years. This allows us to offer genetic education even before seeing your doctor. Our group gives you an interactive secure HD Video consultation once you have your genetic results for as low as $29. We provide you the insight on how you are genetically built. We record a fully transparent audio recording for your doctor and you that gives detailed treatment protocol considerations. Your doctor gets a copy of the audio recording and a written version as well. This allows the patient to listen to the recording several times before the appointment to fully understand the biochemistry of their body and how your genes are affecting your health. Now, you can have a more meaningful conversation with your healthcare provider and be on the same page from the very first visit. This can save you time, money and you learn more about your health.

The GX Specialist Group has been fortunate to learn from Dr. McManus and her staff. We are happy to assist and help with your genetic reviews. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or call to learn more. Visit for more information.

In good health!

Brad Mullens