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Selecting A Nutrition Formula Should Be Left Up To The Professionals! Don't Be Fooled By A Low End Product's Window Dressing. Know The Facts!

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of nutritional supplements over the last several years, with many relying on these alternatives as a means to prevent and treat disease. However, there is a common belief held by the population that all supplements are created equal.

This has led some to seek the best value, not the best quality. I always say if you want to save money buy cheap ball point pens. Don’t pay for something that takes four metabolic processes to become “bio-available” for a therapeutic use. A lot of vitamin supplement manufacturers use petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives, and chemically processed sugar, with other acids and industrial chemicals (such as formaldehyde) used to process them. The cheaper versions are loaded with fillers, binders and shellac that simply do not metabolize. Some nurses in hospitals used to laughingly refer to them as bedpan bullets!

A consumer should know that the grade, form, purity, bioavailability, dosage and third-party verification all contribute to the effectiveness of the product they're ingesting. Why are these factors so important?” The ability for your vitamin to work properly can vary greatly depending on the form and dosage used.

Also, it’s important to remember all vitamins should be screened for impurities such as lead, mercury, pesticides, insecticides or other toxic ingredients. You can be sure that Neuro Biologix uses only professional grade quality ingredients, certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP), and perform 3rd laboratory analysis on their products.

I’ve worked with Dr. Stewart for many years. The patients he treats are usually very complex cases. Besides being a caring practitioner, he’s a scientist and a researcher. When he formulates a supplement, it is based on specific combinations of therapeutic measurements. Some brands on the market will add an ingredient or two to make it sound more impressive, but don’t be fooled, a lot of those ingredients are in minuscule amounts that do not meet the requirements for researched therapeutic benefit.

Excellent nutritional quality in the right therapeutic doses are the essential tools for every good healthcare practitioner and patient in order to restore their patients back to optimal health.

Radhia Gleis, Wellness Director

Radhia Gleis, CCN, is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist/Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Director for Martins Compounding & Wellness Pharmacies with three locations in the Austin area. She is available for private consultation at the LakeHills Pharmacy, M-F, 1:30 to 6:30pm. Contact