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Methylation could be the missing component to a healthy life. Listen to Dr. Stewart's explanation and how he helps his patients recover from a methylation deficiency.
Methylation helps the body rid itself of toxins and assures that the new cells you must make every day are exact copies of the ones that are being replaced. Methylation also converts water-soluble vitamins into the proper fat-soluble form to deliver proper nutrition to the nervous and immune systems. This process is responsible for over 250 processes in the body.*
"Overcoming an MTHFR polymorphism/mutation or methylation deficiency with supplementation may take at least 2-3 months to show signs of improvement due to epigenetic factors. Initially, the patient may be worse, more symptomatic because the immune system wakes up and begins to "clean house."
- Kendal Stewart, M.D./Neuro-Immune Specialist