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The Importance of Supplements For Boosting Focus And Attention

College students, soldiers, business professionals and artists have been using brain supplements for many years to improve memory, increase attention span, stimulate creativity and boost overall mental function. It is well documented that nutritional deficiencies are common in the US and that these deficiencies can impair mental performance. If you want to improve brain function, a solid diet– complete with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetable, grains, nuts and high quality protein– is your foundation, but no matter how well you eat, there are going to be gaps. This is where supplements come in. Look for attention and focus supplements that contain proven natural brain stimulants like the ones below.

Vitamins And Minerals Found In Focus Supplements

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is one of the most important nutrients for mental health. This essential fatty acid is commonly found in foods like salmon and seeds, but the Harvard School of Public Health has recently estimated that 99% of the public is highly deficient in this nutrient. DHA is one of the basic building blocks of the brain and should be a part of your daily supplement regimen. Acetyl­-L-Carnitine is a common ingredient in focus supplements. It is an amino acid that increases oxygen uptake into the brain to boost mental focus and performance. Vitamin D is another healthy brain booster, found to improve memory, improve problem­ solving ability and even give your mood a little boost. Despite the fact that you can absorb Vitamin D directly from sunlight through your skin, studies have shown that more than half of all Americans are deficient!
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