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Detoxification, A Dirty Job, but We All Need to Do It!

Homeostasis means that our body functions are in balance. All systems should remain clean and healthy throughout our lives. Our bodies handle toxins, for example, by neutralizing, transforming, or eliminating them. The colon, liver/gallbladder, kidney and lymphatic system are the primary organs and systems used to detoxify. This balance is disturbed, and toxicity occurs in our body, however, when we take in more than we can eliminate.

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are toxic chemicals that adversely affect human health. They persist for long periods of time in the environment and can accumulate and pass from one species to the next through the food chain. According to EPA studies, more than a total of 5 billion pounds of chemical pollutants are released into the environment we eat, breathe, and live in, in just one year.

Every drug, artificial chemical, pesticide and hormone, is broken down (metabolized) by enzyme pathways inside the liver cells. These cells use a sophisticated mechanism to metabolize toxic substances in two phases. Phase 1 pathway converts a toxic chemical into a less harmful chemical. And many environmental toxins are fat soluble chemicals, so Phase 2 is where the liver can turn those various fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble substances to be excreted through the kidney.

Cleansing or detoxification is one part of the trilogy of nutritional action; the other actions are building or toning and balance or maintenance. Toxiclear Professional Formula by Neurobiologix promotes balanced activity during the body’s detoxification processes.

The ingredients in Toxiclear aid in the removal of environmental toxins such as:

ALA and Silymarin induces increase in glutathione production*

Contains high level of anti-oxidants to improve free-radical clearance*

Calcium-D-Glucarate improves estrogen clearance by the liver*

Promotes healthy liver function*

Provides excellent anti-inflammatory agents*

Promotes healing and healthy maintenance of skin, joints and nails

As a professional who specializes in detoxification, I recommend doing a good liver cleanse at least twice a year. Toxiclear is a great start! And always be sure the bowel is eliminating well while you are on any detox program.