Probiotic ENT Defend 60 Chewable Tablets
Probiotic ENT Defend supplement 60 count

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Boost Your Oral Hygiene with Our Probiotic ENT Defend

Do you often get strep throat or other upper respiratory infections, and deal with bad breath that gum and mouthwash can’t resolve? Do you struggle with tooth decay or gingivitis despite using toothpaste targeting these problems? Your oral bacteria is likely out of balance. Our dental probiotic, a chewable pleasant tasting supplement, can help replenish the good bacteria in your mouth and throat that also helps fight infections, reduce bad breath, periodontitis, and prevent tooth decay.

What is Streptococcus Salivarius?

As you chew, Probiotic ENT Defend releases the bacterium strain of Streptococcus salivarius, a beneficial and needed bacterium that normally occurs in a healthy oral cavity. S. salivarius adheres to cells in the cavity and positively affects the bacterial population and natural immune defenses.

Benefits of Using Probiotic ENT Defend

  • Fresh Breath
  • Immune Support
  • May help support the occurrence of pathogens in the mouth
The influence of Streptococcus salivarius probiotics can have many health benefits which can occur through the inhibition and omission of pathogens, modulation of the immune system to reduce pathogen-induced inflammation, or by helping the immune system to rapidly respond to pathogens.*

Order Your ENT Probiotic Today!

Our dental probiotic supports healthy oral care by preventing periodontitis and fighting other infections so you never have to worry about bad breath or tooth decay again. Order today!
Product Features
3 billion CFU. Our Dental probiotic replenishes the good bacteria in your mouth and throat to support your ability to fight infections, reduce bad breath, periodontitis, and prevent tooth decay. We have included only heavily researched strains with good scientific data behind them.

Contains L. paracasei, L. reuteri, BLIS K-12 & BLIS M-18 (particular S. salivarius strains).

NOTE: There is no strep in our product. We do have Streptococcus salivarius strains; however, they have nothing to do with strep – related to strep throat. In fact, the word Streptococcus is a genus of gram-positive coccus or spherical bacteria. The term was coined in 1877 by Viennese surgeon Albert Theodor Billroth, which combined the prefix "strepto-" (from Ancient Greek - easily twisted, pliant), together with the suffix "-coccus" (from Modern Latin: coccus, from Ancient Greek: grain, seed, berry); therefore, it has absolutely nothing to do with the strep bacteria found in strep throat.