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MTHFR is a a key regulatory enzyme in the metabolism of folate. It also refers to a specific gene that plays a major role in the body's methylation process. Both the enzyme and the gene have the same name, MTHFR. The gene's role is very complex, and recent discoveries have been focused around the MTHFR gene polymorphisms (or variants). These polymorphisms are often referred to as 'mutations' or 'defects' because of the problems they cause in the body.

Most often when you hear someone talk about MTHFR, they are actually referring to one of the two common MTHFR gene mutations that causes this MTHFR enzyme to become imperfect and therefore much less effective.

What is MTHFR?

Simply stated, MTHFR most often refers to a genetic mutation that inhibits the body's ability to methylate or convert folic acid from the food we eat into Methylfolate.

Methylfolate is most often referred to as the 'active' or usable form of folate that our cells require. Because the body's cells cannot actually use folic acid, it must first go through a metabolic pathway or 4-step conversion process to become Methylfolate before the cells can use it . It is this metabolic pathway that the MTHFR gene defect inhibits and causes methylation deficiencies and/or neuro-immune syndromes.

The learnings about this gene defect have come out and taught us that there are as many as 50+ variants of the MTHFR gene. However, only two are considered 'common' defects that today’s MTHFR Blood Test checks for: the 677 and 1298 (discovered in 1995 and 2001).

Statement from Dr. Stewart: Many abnormalities (high folic acid in blood serum, low or high homocysteine, MTHFR mutation / heterozygous or homozygous) can point to a methylation deficiency. I find that many of my patients will respond better if you ease into the methylation protocol. Suggested use is to begin with the Methylation Complete Sublingual OR the Methylation Pro Topical Cream for about 2 weeks by itself and then add the Methyl Folate Plus if you feel it is necessary or with a homozygous result or heterozygous compound polymorphism result.

"Putting too much in too quickly can backfire on your symptomatically."

Nutritional Recommendations Per Your Genetic Results:
Helpful Videos/ Audio:
5 minute Video: “Methylation Overview For Patients with Kendal Stewart, MD” click on link:
Listen now about MTHFR and methylation issues with Kendal Stewart, MD.

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