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Is your health suffering from a folic acid / folate deficiency?
Folic acid occurs naturally as a complex of related substances called folates, found in sprouts, Brewers' yeast, liver and kidney.

However, levels are soon diminished following cooking and processing. And since most of us do not consume enough folate-rich foods, experts believe that many of us are suffering from a folic acid deficiency.

Furthermore, studies in healthy human participants show that folic acid is poorly absorbed from the diet anyway, which results in very little of the metabolically active form, methylfolate, being produced.

Folic acid undergoes a series of complicated vitamin and energy-dependent changes in your body, between your intestine and liver, before it is converted to its active form, methylfolate.

A break in any one of these processes resulting from dietary deficiency, malabsorption, can soon lead to low levels of methylfolate in your brain.

Now, new research suggests that neurological symptoms such as memory loss, sleep issues, irritability, forgetfulness, and mood issues may result.

Folinic acid, leucovorin, is a far more potent form of folic acid and 5-Methytetrahydrofolate is often used in conjuction for those that may need both for absorption into the blood brain barrier, nervous and immune systems.

Neurobiologix specializes in several products that contain forms of Folate, Folinic Acid and 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate. Most often, those that are poor methylators will need additional folate in some form.
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