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Sensory Friendly Products from Neurobiologix

Browse our full selection of Sensory Friendly products including topical creams, liquid supplements, powders and chewable multivitamins. From chewable, fruity flavored vitamins for kids, to powerful anti-inflammatory creams, Neurobiologix is committed to finding safe, easy and effective methods of helping your child's body get the nutrients and highest quality ingredients it needs to remain healthy. Be sure to read more about each of our products below to learn more. This category includes omega 3 supplements for immune system health, multivitamin supplements to achieve your daily dose of necessary vitamins, amino acids, probiotic and enzyme supplements to help heal the digestive system and combat gastrointestinal issues. All of our products are GMP certified, an FDA process that ensures quality and potency of ingredients. Check out all of our sensory friendly items below.

A product will be categorized as "Sensory Friendly" if it meets the following criteria: * Liquid * Powder * Topical Cream * Chewable * Pleasant Texture * Pleasant Tasting (capsule may be broken open to give orally)
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Autism supplements Starter Kit probiotic powder supplement 51 grams/30 scoops
Bowel Restore (Thera PRP Powder) 30 Servings Calming Cream relaxing supplement
Effective Vitamins for Anxiety | Supplements for Anxiety antioxidant cholesterol support supplement 4 oz topical cream
Glutathione Topical antioxidant supplement melatonin supplement peppermint flavor 60 count
sleep support supplement 2 oz Methyl B-12 Topical Cream (methylcobalamin) 2.0 oz
Mineral Xcel - 100 Capsules immune system infection control 120 count
neuro methylation cream vitamin b12 b6 2oz vitamin supplements 120 count
neuronutrients vitamin supplement 120 count essential vitamins for kids kit
omega blasts supplement 120 count PEA Soothe Support Topical (100ml)
Omega Blasts 120 Sfgls - Natural Orange Flavor!
OUR PRICE: $21.90
Deal of the Day Price: $17.50
PRP, Polypeptide Immune Spray 5 oz Pregnenolone Plus 2oz hormone support supplement