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Thyroid 150 - 60 Capsules
Thyroid 150 - 60 Capsules

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Product Name Change to T3/T4 Support -  http://www.neurobiologix.com/product-p/027.htm
Thyroid hormone activates over 100 enzymes in the body, exerting a significant effect on growth and metabolic rate. The metabolic rate reflects the body’s transformation of nutrients into energy. Thyroid hormone, and its influence on metabolic rate, plays a fundamental role in appetite, weight maintenance, energy levels and mood, gastrointestinal regularity, tolerance to temperature changes, and healthy hair and nails.*

Micronutrient, Amino Acid, and Herbal Support Production of thyroid hormone is fundamentally dependent on the presence of L-tyrosine and iodine, while conversion of T4 to T3 is facilitated by selenium. Bladderwrack, dulse, kelp, and Irish moss are natural sources of iodine for support of endogenous thyroid hormone production.*

The combination of foundational elements with supportive nutrients in Thyroid 150 represents a comprehensive approach to thyroid support.*